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Socialclub is looking for a skilled Business Manager with an eye on changes that will ultimately lead to growth and prosperity at a company.

You will be in charge of designing business strategies and managing all day-to-day operations to guarantee company efficiency. Superb interpersonal and leadership skills are vital for this role, as good teamwork is important for our business success.

The core responsibilities :

– Take the client’s brief.
– Develops and implements budgets.
– Design business strategies and plan to meet the company goals.
– Achieve business objectives set by the client.
– Prepare the team internally to answer to the competition.
– Assess and identify new opportunities for growth in current and prospective markets.
– Capable of representing the team in chemistry meeting.
– Organize and arrange presentation for the pitch day.

Successful business manager must have the following :

– Outstanding leadership abilities.
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
– Working knowledge of the latest business policies and regulations.
– Demonstrable analytical thinking & business insight.
– Creative thinking skills.
– Lead a team towards a pitch presentation.