À propos de Playrion - A Paradox Studio

Playrion is a french studio specialised in mobile management games.

In July 2020, Playrion joined Paradox Interactive. Playrion is the group's first internal mobile studio, and will allow Paradox Interactive to expand into new markets while bringing more Paradox Interactive licenses to mobile.

Playrion took off thanks to the success of Airlines Manager. Considered the reference for airline management games, Airlines Manager boasts more than 10 million players and 10 years of live operations.

The strategy of Playrion is to specialize in management games on mobile and explore new themes through new titles.

Playrion moved last year to completely renovated new offices in order to welcome new recruits : open-space with large offices, large kitchen with snacks, soundproof meeting room

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    Playrion - A Paradox Studio
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